jewelry redesign

Jewelry Redesign & Custom Work

Passion is energy.  Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

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Vintage Redesign

Give new life to your old jewelry through distinctive redesign. •   You can create a sentimental legacy for your family.  Consider redesigning Grandma’s vintage crystals, beads or pearls into several pieces for daughters, granddaughters, or nieces.  FREE Private 60-Minute Redesign Assessment Sessions.

Recycle or Repair

Up-cycle, refashion or repair jewelry that no longer suit your style, are broken, or just need some pizzazz. Old costume jewelry is great to redesign into contemporary pieces. I will help you enhance your style through creative designs of gemstones, crystals, metals or crosses. This is the time to capitalize on  your colors, desires and dreams.  costume jewelry redesign filigree bird


Evaluation of your jewelry “stash” will include reviews for broken parts, missing pieces, design possibilities, color choices and dreaming. This is the fun, creative part where you “let go” and enjoy yourself. If it happens to be stressful, we will work with the beauty within you and release the pressures. I can also do all the design work for you, if you desire. FREE Private 60-Minute Assessment Sessions.

Custom Work

Custom Work is enthusiastically welcomed. Choose your colors and design style – or let me guide your choices. Let’s collaborate!

3 strand FW pearls Beads  Mookaite on chains ncklceVintage embossed with flower


Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded or that which is in disrepair. Pieces missing? Parts broken? No problem! Simple repairs make an item beautiful and functional again.