We owe to each other to tell stories.

Neil Gaiman


Sandra and the Granddaughters

Sandra inherited an absolutely gorgeous crystal necklace from her mother-in-law. Unfortunately, it was broken. We decided to make four necklaces from it — one for herself and one for each of the three granddaughters. All four necklaces are as different as each person. What treasured legacies they received from Grandma via Sandra!

Austrian crystals Distinctive Jewelry Redesign

Marty’s Crystals

Marty received a very special crystal necklace and bracelet set for her sixteenth birthday, a “few” years ago. She hadn’t worn it for many years, as it was no longer her style and the crystals needed to be cleaned. She wanted a traditional three strand necklace that incorporated the crystals. She also wanted to use some fresh water pearls from another necklace she no longer wore. Knowing she often wears a certain shade of blue, I combined Montana blue and clear Swavorski crystals into the design. She was delighted!

Birthday crystal necklace Distinctive Jewelry Redesign

Marty’s New Necklace Redesign

Marty had purchased a beautiful silver and glass necklace with a large hand-painted bead with which she fell in love. Unfortunately, she found the stiff, wire-strung, short necklace to be very uncomfortable. Marty asked me to redesign the necklace so that it was longer and flowing. It is now strung on a soft, draping stainless wire; and, she is wearing it frequently.

Handpainted beaded necklace Distinctive Jewelry Redesign

(For privacy reasons, real names have not been used.)